Mala - Red Jasper, Obsidian & Hematite

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Crystals: Red Jasper, Obsidian, Hematite 
Color: Red, Black, Grey/Silver
Description: Intuitively created to align with the Root Chakra, helping to overcome fear & anxiety, clearing blockages & maintain general well-being. Will aid in keeping one grounded, bringing better decision making & less indecisiveness.                                                Red Jasper - Physical Strength, Vitality, Stabilisation of one’s energy.                                                                             Black Obsidian - Psychic Protection, Grounding, Cleansing of negative energy, Spirit Communication, Clears Reproductive problems.                                         Hematite - Grounding, Manifestation, Making the spiritual physical, Detoxification, Support recovery from blood ailments 
Handmade with love & infused with Reiki Energy.