Affirmation Cards - Indigo Dreaming

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Size: 15cm x 11.1cm x 2.8cm
This beautifully illustrated set of 52 cards will teach children to focus on positive ideas, values & feelings & to develop their sense of self-worth. A fantastic way to build confidence & to empower children with positive thoughts to create wonderful life experiences.
All of the Indigo Dreaming Positive Affiration Cards have a positive affirmation with a values-based message that promotes positive thinking towards themselves & others. The set also contains three magical golden cards with special messages that will delight children of all ages.
If you have Indigo Dreaming - A Book of Meditations for Children, you will find that each positive affirmation card relates directly to a meditation in the book. The cards can be used in conjunction with the book or as a wonderful resource on their own.