Crystal Description - Tourmaline

Tourmaline would have been useful to  harry potter, ancient magicians called this schorl and used it to protection against earth demons

grounding     *protection * anxiety  

Chakras - root

Birthstone -  october

Zodiac -    libra

Planet - venus

Element -  earth

Colour -  mainly black

Origin  - schorl germany

Black tourmaline is the most popular colour it accounts for 95 percent of all tourmaline known as a stone for protection it prevents the user from absorbing negativity, psychic attack, negative energy.

It is used still in shamanic work as a protection stone from evil energies and entities it can also be used  for visions of the future past of ancient knowledge a black tourmaline ball is just as effective as a quartz crystal ball.

Tourmaline is also effective in protecting against all  pollutants: environmental, radiation and electrical.

It is an excellent grounding crystal and valued in the industry  for its ability to tune into radio and tv frequencies

Other varieties of tourmaline available are




Physical healing properties

Anxiety, motion sickness, bowel issues,  eliminates toxins,  heart

meditation  mantra I AM PROTECTED

Powerful stone for meditation excellent for connecting the earth with the body spirit

It is known for both its protective and grounding energies.

Use as a protective grounding meditation before embarking on spirit work.

Visualize stepping into the stones centre and feel its power grounding you and coating you in its energy and vibration of protection almost like a suit  of armor

Once you have felt the full effects of this  crystal step out of your mediation and commence your spirit or healing work.