Crystal Description - Tanzanite

Known as being a true stone of the   20th century, Discovered in 1967 it was  once exclusive only to Tiffany's

Calming     *psychic development * higher consciousness   *communication      

Chakras -  throat crown third eye

Birthstone -  december

Zodiac -      aries pisces sag

Planet -   uranus

Element -  air

Colour -  blues to violets

Origin  - Merelani, Northern Tanzania

This stone was promoted as the 20th century sapphire, only recently discovered in 1967 it is a truly spectacular colour. ranging from deep blues to violets it connects with the crown throat and heart chakras.

This stone holds protective qualities and is perfect for those new to exploring their spirituality or the psychic realms as it will guide nad comfort but protect against negativity and psychic attacks.


Physical healing properties

Sweating,  psychological disorders  , anxiety   , stress  ,  headaches

meditation mantra   I EXPLORE

Powerful stone for meditation.

It has many uses but is fantastic for using when you wish to communicate with love ones who have recently passed.

Its ability to connect to the outer realm and protect your auric field makes it a perfect stone for those who are just beginning to explore the spiritual realm.

It provides comfort and protection along with guidance for those who are new to meditation and exploring the psychic states.