Crystal Description - Smokey Quartz

Known as Scotland's official national gem,  maybe throw one into loch ness and see if Scotland's other mysterious gem appears.

Smoky Quartz is often found adorning kilt pins and other highlander accessories.

Strength      *stability  *  pride   *survival    * primal instincts      * grounding    * protection 

Chakras -  root

Birthstone -  none

Zodiac -  capricorn and sagittarius  

Planet -     jupiter saturn

Element - earth

Colour -  smoky , clear with shades of  burnt brown and black

Origin  - scotland

Smoky quartz literally resembles a wisp of smoke distilled into crystal form,

It's often referred to as a stone of power and is known for its ability to ground one both  spiritually and physically  on earth and keep them stable and secure.

It offers protection and absorbs any negativity and transforms negative energy into nothing returning its neutral enertic pulse back into earth ,

It's often been used as a psychic shield to protect one from lower earthbound spirits and psychic attack.

As a protection stone it is brilliant for protecting humans and possessions a. Placing one in your car or bag protects them from theft. Having 0ne in your house or even at work protects you from negative energies, pollution and radiation  as well as thieves or anyone or thing that wishes you harm.


Physical healing properties

sunburn  , all forms of radiation   , removing toxins, regulating bodily fluids, pancreas , kidneys


meditation  mantra I AM HEALED


Smoky quartz is the best crystal if you need to ground yourself while cleansing any negative energy

Our chakras absorb energy on a daily basis.

Meditating with a smoky quartz visualise the essence rising in smoke form

Smoke is one of the most common cleansing rituals used from american indians to the aztecs and mayan cultures

Smoky quartz has many similar properties by seeing this crtal in smoke from visualise it surrounding your auric field and essentially acting like a crystal smudge stick it will cleanse any negative build up and reactivate your chakras allowing only light to fill them

After this mediation you'll feel like you've had a long comfortable restful sleep not unique sleeping beauty. yull return reinvigorated with new energy and a fresh insight into your life.