Crystal Description - Serpentine

Often referred to as New Jade

* protection   * spirit  *past lives   * intuition   * gardening ** healing *Spiritual

Chakras -  heart

Birthstone -  none

Zodiac -    gemini

Planet - saturn

Element - fire

Colour -  green to translucent

Origin  - southwest africa , italy . india

Serpentine. Often called new jade was used  in ancient times as protection against evil  spirits also was used to keep medicine and believed it enhanced healing powers.

Serpentine is an exceptional stone for meditation it assist in connecting with the higher realms and is especially useful for contacting other elemental beings like fairies and angels.

It is useful for all chakras and can clear out energy and allow you to be open to attract noth prosperity and abundance.

Known in ancient times for being carried to ensure the gods would bestow their blessings.

Its powers are also beneficial for gardening.

Place  Serpentine in your garden, attracts the good elemental beings to ensure your garden will grow and prosper.

Physical healing properties

Cardiac irregularities, stomach and bowel issues, kidney disorders, menstrual issues       

meditation  mantra I AM CLEAR

Powerful stone for meditation

Use serpentine to recharge your aura and etheric field.

Visualise it clearing any stagnant energy from your root chakra to your crown

Allow it to recharge your chakras and set any intents you wish to attract .