Crystal Description - Selenite

A crystal that carries the light and energy of the Angels.

* Wealth  * Positivity * health * happiness * Optimism*  Luck* Joy

Chakras -   third eye

Birthstone -  none

Zodiac -    cancer

Planet -  moon

Element - water

Colour -  white

Origin  -  Chihuahua, Mexico.

Selenite is known as the stone of the angelic realm.

It allows you direct access with the angels, higher beings and our higher selves.

Perfect for cleansing negative energy and areas . selenite wands are commonly found in houses and used to cleanse and stale , stagnant or  negative energy from houses.

The perfect reset stone its known for  energising and placing your body in tune with your higher selves and guides. 

Selenite allows you to unlock your powers and find your true purpose.

It is an excellent tool and stone for meditation and using to access your deepest insights and find your true path.

 Selenite is a crystal that can help unlock the past and the future it is  a magical of the power and magic of angels.

Physical healing properties

Cells,  body absorb calcium and vitamins, fertility , pregnancy. Improves skin tone     

meditation  mantra I RE ENERGISE

SELENITE Is a powerful crystal , literally meditate with a piece of selenite and visualize it bathing your soul and body with its angelic glow .

By merely placing it to any point that feels tired you'll receive an instant pick me up.

The feeling this crystal imbues is like a beam of angelic light straight from the heavens.

It sparks you awake almost immediately like an electric  charge.

Focus on anywhere you feel tired or ache and feel its powers almost immediately.