Crystal Description - Rose Quartz

The official crystal representing love . Associated not only with romantic love but  with any form of love.

* Romantic Love  * Trust  * Friendship * intuition * compassion *  protection * unconditional love

Chakras -  heart

Birthstone -  none

Zodiac -     taurus

Planet -   Venus and moon

Element - earth and water

Colour -  rose pink, dusty pink . pale pink

Origin  -  Brazil Madagascar India

The stone of the heart and the official crystal for love it has a history of being given as  a token of love since  900BC.

Rose Quartz a variety of the quartz stone , it is a dusty pink to pale pink hue and known universally as the stone of the heart.

Rose Quartz is the most common crystal associated with love.

Its soft pink hue and calmness bestows love and compassion upon all that wear it. Known as a stone of compassion,romance and even platonic love.

Rose Quartz is a variety of quartz and is found all over the world.


Physical healing properties

Heart issues, circulatory system, fertility, childbirth, depression, addictions       

meditation  mantra I AM LOVE

Rose Quartz is the perfect self love meditation stone . While many of us seek love what we are really missing is feeling love from within.

Sit with your rose quartz and imagine it slowly liquefying then pouring its soft pink energy infused with love into all your chakras .

As you are filled with its love know that this will carry with you and allow you to treat yourself with love always .It unites the sacral , heart and third eye and will assist you in taking the first steps towards any new beginning.