Crystal Description - Rainbow Moonstone

A crystal that is distilled moonlight on earth.

* Hope  * Love  * Wisdom *Passion   * Compassion  * Protection*Prophecy* Safe Travel*New Beginnings*Spiritual prophecy* psychic insights*intuition*success

Chakras -  sacral heart and third eye

Birthstone -   june sep cancer

Zodiac -   cancer , libra sco

Planet -  moon

Element - water

Colour -  milky white opalescent blue with rainbows in the sunlight

Origin  - Sri Lanka

Moonstone is a magical stone that reflects the luna power of the moon within its wearer.

It offers protection to travellers , passion for lovers, insight and wisdom to its wearer and an easy childbirth to expectant mothers.

An ancient stone it was worn originally in the Orient and later by the Romans highlighting its value and worth among the ages.

It is  a stone of inner strength  and growth making it perfect for any new beginnings and is said to bestow fortune luck and growth in all matters of business and love.

Physical healing properties

Female health , reproductive  system , childbirth, healing skin hair and eye conditions  


meditation  mantra I BEGIN

Powerful stone for meditation  peridot is a stone for transformation

Meditate with Moonstone during a new moon  in your garden or outdoors and visualise your life and anything new you would like to begin,

Focus on any bad habits or negativity you wish to release and focus your intent on the new this stone has the ability to assist you in transforming into the person you want to become.

It unites the sacral , heart and third eye and will assist you in taking the first steps towards any new beginning.