Crystal Description - Pink Opal

Pink opal is found in Peru and is a variety of the traditional opal stone.

It is beneficial for healing any emotional loss

Known* Hope  * Love  * Emotional Healing *luck   *power * compassion

Chakras -  heart

Birthstone -  october

Zodiac -    librs

Planet -

Element - water

Colour -  pink

Origin  - peru

Pink opal is the perfect break up stone

It transmits warmth and love upon its wearer allowing andy emotional hurts and losses to heal.

By meditating with it it heals your heart chakra allowing you to overcome any disappointments , losses and heartbreak ,

The opal  stone was a favourite of the ancient romans and thought to bring luck and achievement

Known as the stone of the gods ….. Pink opal shares these qualities with the original opal as well as manifesting an ability to heal from any emotional losses

It is the perfect break up stone as it offers protection and compassion promotes unconditional love and self awareness

Physical healing properties

Eyesight, female issues, childbirth, purifies blood and kidneys    

meditation  mantra I HEAL

Powerful stone for meditation  breakups can be messy and traumatic. they also can make you feel like you are broken or a part of you is now missing forever,

This is an alternative to rose quartz and very powerful,

Visualise your pink opal becoming a cloud then another and another,

As you have created your own pin opal cloud sky float up and pick your favourite cloud.

Imagine yourself in a deep sleep on this fluffy pink opal cloud, tell it all your hurts and allow it to heal and strengthen you emotionally.

When you feel its essence has been absorbed gently allow it to float you back onto the earth's plane and back into your body.