Crystal Description - Peridot

One of the 12 traditional zodiac birthstones represent Leo. Yellow, green only found in shades of this distinctive colour.

* Wealth  * Positivity * health * happiness * Optimism*  Luck* Joy

Chakras -  heart

Birthstone -  august

Zodiac -    leo

Planet -    sun venus

Element - Earth

Colour -  dark green to olive

Origin  -  Brazil , South Africa  Australia


Peridot, also known as  nature's natural emerald , it is the official birthstone of Leo and and is known for its ability to unite the heart and sun chakras allowing its user to experience prosperity and happiness.

Peridot is an ancient stone that has been worn and adored throughout history .

In ancient Egypt it was also a favored stone of royalty in the 13th century,  known as a stone of the sun .

it has been worn throughout the ages to bring positivity and luck and ward of evil and negative energy.

It is known as the lucky stone and said to bestow its wearer with luck and opportunity .

Peridot is an official stone of August is unique for its brilliant yellow green colouring and is only available in shades of this colour.

Physical healing properties

bipolar, tobacco addiction, gallbladder, liver, pancreas

meditation  mantra I ALLOW PROSPERITY TO FLOW

Use Peridot in a meditations for prosperity .

Remember prosperity can be many things and not solely monetary .

Whatever you wish to have an abundance of whether its love, luck, friends, opportunities, cats or food. the list is endless.

Simply meditate with this stone and visualise what you wish to manifest , imagine you are being bathed in its emerald golden glows and set your wishes or intent to manifest.

Then wear, carry or place the stone in a special place. It clears the mind and allows you to tap into the higher spiritual realm and find clarity and purpose.