Crystal Description - Onyx

Onyx is known throughout the ages for its powerful energy. It is only found in three places: Mexico, Arizona and Algeria.

* protection* strength*self mastery*spiritual guidance *grounding*stability

Chakras -       Root

Birthstone -   December

Zodiac -        Leo 

Planet -          Saturn

Element -      Earth

Colour -         Black

Origin  -        Mexico, Arizona and Algeria   

Onyx is a powerful ancient stone.

It is perfect for centring the self and aligning with the spirit to unlock your true purpose and realise your full potential.

A grounding stone, it assists the user in putting down roots and developing a base to grow from.

Associated with success and knowledge, it has the power to align the self with the higher spirit and guide from within.

It guides the user to reach their full potential.

By strengthening the users connection to the earth and providing protection as it teaches the wisdom and knowledge contained deep within the earth.

Physical healing properties

Nervous system, improve senses, hearing, tinnitus, immune system, feet, teeth and bones 


meditation  mantra I AM ENOUGH

Powerful crystal for meditation. 

Use Onyx in mediation and its powers to ground you with the earth and assist with providing the stability to unlock your true path. Visualise it  providing you with the foundation to succeed .

An excellent stone for using in grounding meditations.

It clears the mind and allows you to tap into the higher spiritual realm and find clarity and purpose.