Crystal Description - Obsidian

Obsidian is known as nature's glass , formed from volcanic lava it is widely known as volcanic glass . it is found anywhere that has volcanic activity.

*soul healing   * power  * divination  *   *power * revealing shadow self    

Chakras -    Root

Birthstone -   November

Zodiac -     Sagittarius, Scorpio ,Aries

Planet -      Saturn

 Element -  fire

Colour -    black

Origin  -   Mexico , US , Guatemala, NZ

Known for having immense power it is often referred as a crystal only for those who dare to see: the past , the future and your darkest self.

It reveals your fears your deepest traumas and has the power to allow you to face them and overcome heal and transform.

A crystal used by ancient shamans its known to provide deep soul healing.

It is a perfect crystal to protect those who are ultra sensitive to others energies ,a personal crystal it is often worn as jewellry and offers its protection to the user.

It assists with showing you your true life purpose and also finding your career and success

Physical healing properties

Aids digestion and detoxification, stops unhealthy habits, heals wounds and bruises, improves circulation

meditation mantra I dare to see

Powerful crystal for meditation  allow its energy to infuse within your meditation and show you what you cannot see. Its insights are powerful and will assist any issues you may not be facing or your  true goals and desires.

Know that regardless of what this stone reveals it also offers protection which shields you from any negative emotions associated with what the stone reveals.