Crystal Description - Nephrite Jade

The perfect crystal to pack with your passport .’

* Psychic protection * Health  * Emotional Healing * Self confidence* Imagination*  

Chakras -  heart chakra

Birthstone -   none

Zodiac -      libra , pisces taurus

Planet -     venus and neptune

Element - water

Colour -  all shades of green sometimes white cream and black

Origin  -  Russia China  Canada

A stone that will take you travelling

Known as the stone of journey it is able to assist you with any journey you need to take whether its a physical inner or spiritual journey this is the perfect  stone to start your path

It is known for revealing your deepest truths and eliminating any illusions it is however a protective stone and balances anything it takes out of your life

Known for its blessings and abundance it can bestow wealth and success

It is a stone of dreams and allows you to reach your biggest most impossible dreams

Physical healing properties

Blood sugar, lymphatic system, bones, bladder, kidneys

meditation mantra   I DREAM

Powerful stone for meditation use it to manifest and impossible dream ,

Silence your mind and tap into the stone and allow its energy to wash all over you when you are comfortable within its presence ask it for any message re reaching your dream

Allow its messages or intent to be set within you and write any messages down.