Crystal Description - Moss Agate

Opens the heart chakra to success and prosperity

* abundance   * prosperity  *  *cleansing    *business* success  * power

Chakras -  heart

Birthstone -  september

Zodiac -   virgo 

Planet -   mercury

Element -  earth

Colour -  clear to milky white, occasionally dark green with bluish hues

Origin  -   India

His stone is known to bring prosperity and success to all businesses . especially useful for small business or those in the agriculture trade it is extremely beneficial in growing crops and useful for farmers who harvest plants ,vegetables , flowers or grain .

It is a cleansing stone and associated with the heart chakra it allows messages from the earth to filter through and is the perfect stone for those who want a career or job they love .

Physical healing properties

Insomnia, impatience, mental health , depression


meditation mantra I WILL

Powerful stone for meditation  moss agate is associate with growth and the heart chakra , It allows you to look into your heart and set the intent to manifest whatever  messages your heart is giving you.