Crystal Description - Mookaite aus Jasper

The stone of the adventurer unleashes the spirit  within

*explore   * travel   * spiritual path  *awakens true potential *compassion

Chakras - base root

Birthstone -  none

Zodiac -    none can cap ari sco may benefit

Planet -      earth

Element -  fire

Colour -  reds and yellows whites

Origin  -  Australia

Feeling lost lonely like no one understands you

Then this stone is the one for you described as much more than a crystal its your friend its knows as providing a spiritual compass to those in need

It allows you to move using instincts and the true knowledge of the self within

Promotes self confidence and self worth

It is the stone of adventures travel and uncovering your truth

It is the perfect friend that you can slip in your pocket or wear on your person

Aas it will lead you to what you need most in order to gain spiritual fulfillment

Known also as  australian jasper

The aborigines consider it to be connected with mother earth allowing her to guide you from within

It allows you to awaken your wishes within and uncovers your true potential the perfect stone for solo travels or those who feel lonely and like they have lost their way


Physical healing properties

Water retention , hernias , rupture and stomach disorders

Meditation mantra   I GUIDED

A powerful stone In meditation use it to calm and centre your spirit allowing you to uncover your core instinct and what path your soul wishes you  to take