Crystal Description - Malachite

A stone adored and revered by ancient egypt ots deep green colour is associated with the heart chakra

Transformation       * manifestation    *  prosperity     *healing     * vitality     * protection

Chakras -  heart

Zodiac -    capricorn and scorpio

Planet -    venus

Element -  earth 

Colour -  green

Origin  -   Russia

A stone that reflects nature and the heart chakra it enables healing and transformation

By allowing the user to uncover and transform any negativity into positivity.

A stone associated with the third eye it allows you to tap into the hidden within and transform heal and transmit any negativity into positivity uncovering your strengths and eliminating anything that does not serve your greater good

Its healing energies protect and assist all who use it

It is  a stone of protection and allows emotional development and maturity, it is beneficial in protecting children and assisting their development

It aslos assist  any fear of travel and will enable its user to overcome a fear of travel or any anxiety associated with travel

Physical healing properties

Vertigo, emotional stability, mental health, heart issues, cardiac asthma, optic nerves

meditation mantra I TRANSFORM

Powerful stone for meditation  its assists in enabling spiritual growth by using it in meditation it will show the path one needs to take in order to co create an d work with the universe ,  it will reveal why we originally came to this earth plane and assist us in achieving the growth we sought.