Crystal Description - Lepidolite

A magical stone used by shamans and in magic spells and incarnations

calming      * de stresses   * trust     * acceptance   * self love    *patience

Chakras -  Crown

Birthstone -  none

Zodiac -   libra

Planet -   neptune jupiter

Element -  fire water

Colour -  violet purple mainly also pink white yellow and grey

Origin  - Brazil , Africa , Czech Republic

A stone of mystery and deep magical powers  its beautiful violet colour has been used in ancient times and today by shamans to assist in their deep spiritual journey

Thought to provide wisdom and insight to all who wear it

It has been used in incarnations and spells to bring forth the magic and wisdom needed.

Often used in dreaming, sleeping with it allows you to remember and gain insight and wisdom knowledge  into your dreams

A stone thought to achieve spiritual mastery the perfect stone for those embarking on exploring the psychic realms

It is the perfect stone for alleviating anxiety and stress and calming your inner issues allowing you to find your centre and place in the world

Physical healing properties

Locates disease or blockages in the body, strengthens immunity , allergies, detoxifier for skin

Meditation mantra I DREAM 

Powerful stone for meditation  meditation allows you to dream while awake.

Use it to explore your own dreamscape and reveal any messages of any dreams you remember . it allows you to reveal the hidden message of the subconscious and will infuse your mediation with a violet purple light allowing you to safely travel to the spiritual realms and receive the necessary  messages.