Crystal Description - Lapis Lazuli

One of the most converted stones since the beginning of time

Known as a universal symbol of truth and wisdom

truth      * power   * honour     * wisdom    * communication    * career   

Chakras -   Throat  third eye

Birthstone -  December

Zodiac -  Sagittarius  

Planet -  Jupiter

Element -  water

Colour -   Royal blues with gold flecks

Origin  -   Afghanistan and Pakistan

Lapis is known as a stone of the gods worn throughout the ages and especially coveted in ancient egypt it is known as being a symbol  for the starry night and bestowing wisdom and good judgement on all those who wear it

A stone of wisdom and knowledge it assist in communication and balance allows you to communicate ideas clearly and effectively

A stone of truth it allows one to ee and seek their inner truth and communicate it clearly

It allows you to access your higher self and unlock your intellectual potential

The perfect store for those that work with the written and spoken word a stone that assist and enables clear communication

Physical healing properties

Thyroid, balances hormones,  vocal cords, sore throats, headaches

meditation  mantra  I SEE  or REVEAL MY PAST

It is a visionary stone and perfect for meditation that requires you to tap into and see your inner souls visions  it can allow you to access past life meditations and uncover the secrets and knowledge of the ancient civilisations who wore it .

Excellent for assisting any meditations that wish to uncover and be shown past lives and incarnations.