Crystal Description - Labradorite

A magical stone in both colour and energy it allows to user to discover and utilise all that is magical within

spiritual discovery     * intuition *psychic abilities    *compassion   * prophecy    * compassion

Chakras -   Throat

Birthstone -  None

Zodiac -      Aquarius 

Planet -        moon and uranus

Element -    Water

Colour -       blues radiant blues iridescent 

Origin  -       US , Mexico, South America

A magical stone used for unleashing one's own magic from within

It reveals  any  unused or undiscovered creativity , imagination and talents

The perfect stone for discovering and using your hidden talents and discovering your own creativity

As a stone it calms the mind allowing the imagination and dreams to surface this allows you to rap into your inner realm and use the ideas for new magical beginnings

it puts you in touch with other realms and interplanetary beings allowing one to access all the knowledge within all universes and express it within your own creativity on earth

The perfect stone t calm inner nerves , banish negativity and bring all  one's positive traits to the surface

Physical healing properties

Lungs , respiratory problems . digestion and metabolism

Meditation mantra   I IMAGINE

a mediation to assist in uncovering your imagination and where it may lead you

Perfect for creatives or those who just want to create seek te stones aenergy and color to infuse your spiritual being and ask it for any messages ,images or visions the stone reveals.