Crystal Description - Kyanite

A rare and powerful stone excellent for assisting meditation

* communication   * dreaming   * power  *protection    *healing  * chakra alignment

Chakras -    Throat

Birthstone -  None

Zodiac -       Taurus Libra Aries

Planet -      Venus and Mars 

Element -  Water

Colour -    all shades of blue

Origin  -    Brazil , Burma , Mexico

A power energy conductor it can align all chakras without any effort consciously

Raises vibrations of all who wear it

A barrier crystal which is excellent for defending you from the obstacles and problems associated with the world.

They Protect you and ensure you are always protected from harm s

By balancing your throat chakra it allows you to express and communicate your soul purpose also a powerful crystal for dream work as it allows you to recall your dreams and work through their symbols and messages 

Physical healing properties

Ailments of the neck , eye issues , sensory , hearing disorders

Meditation mantra   REVEAL WHAT I CANNOT SEE

A powerful meditation crystal it allows you to break bad habits and heal anything that may be causing you self harm  its energy allows you to reach the spiritual realms and has the potential to open your third eye

Assists with telepathy and developing their psychic powers