Crystal Description - K2

A recently discovered stone, discovered at the foothills of the world's second highest mountain mount k2 in Pakistan.

Spiritual enlightenment     *reaching your highest purpose  *soul alignment  * empathy   * emotional control   

Chakras -     Throat

Birthstone -  Pisces

Zodiac -       None

Planet -         None

Element -      Water

Colour -         Blue and white

Origin  -         Pakistan

A power stone that was only recently discovered its known for it ability to promote and instills peace.

Excellent for healing disagreements and conflicts it promotes stability , trust and inner stillness .

It promotes both peace within and peace in all our outside interactions

It balances the throat chakra assisting with communication and allowing the user to express its personal truth into  the world.

It assists in unlocking the akashic records and is useful in assessing powerful past life records and tapping into the knowledge that can be accessed within these realms.

Associated with water energy it assists with unlocking the flow of life and allows the user to move peacefully forward to discover and express their true life purpose

Physical healing properties

nervous systems, eliminates toxins, liver, stimulates brain activities, detoxification

Meditation mantra   I EXPRESS

Powerful stone for meditation  it activates the throat chakra and allows  you to see how to express and communicate your words and actions effectively in order to manifest your desires

Used with lapis it can unlock past lives and askaic records.