Crystal Description - Jet

A form  of fossilized wood and shares similar qualities to amber

protection      * grounding  * cleansing aura  * good luck      * healing  * purification

Chakras -  Root

Birthstone -  none

Zodiac -    Capricorn

Planet -     Saturn

Element - Earth

Colour - Black  

Origin  - Russia, Spain, India

Jet was popular in the 19th century and favoured by Queen Victoria's era as it was used in mourning jewelry and thought to assist in overcoming grief.

Its shiny black appearance offers both protection, grounding and a strong connection to mother earth as its actually a form of fossilised wood.  I

It holds the vibration of life forces since the beginning of time and was highly valued also by Egyptians.

A stone known to bring luck to new endeavours it will assist anyone who is starting a new job, new location or new home as it carries a stabilizing energy of both security and prosperity

it  will clear any negativity and allows it to be replaced with positivity and a higher vibration . it is powerful at restoring balance and calmness to any surroundings .

Physical healing properties

Anxiety, stomach aches,  menstrual cramps, depression, mood swings, migraines

Meditation mantra   I RECEIVE

Powerful stone for meditation

Find a place in nature and use jet alone or with its sister stone amber to focus on any messages the earth and trees may have for you

Also a powerful stone to assist in clearing any negativity and replacing it because if its ability to store and hold negative vibrations cleanse this crystal in salt water and then re energise it with quartz crystals to bring it back to purity.