Crystal Description - Jasper

Known as the supreme nurturer it provides comfort so its user can grow . its name is derived from the persian word treasurer .

Grounding    *luck  *creative     *joy     * prosperity

Chakras -   All

Birthstone -  August

Zodiac -     Scorpio, Aries, Virgo

Planet - Earth , Mars

Element -  Fire , Air

Colour -  Various

Origin  -india , russia australia

asper is a true crystal of nature , it is found in a wide variety of colours and shapes .it resembles natures natural landscape and elements in crystal rock form

It vibrates on a lower frequency offering both stability and comfort to all who use it.

It provides great  comfort and healing to those who are lost, unsure , misguided  or upset.

Jasper is thought to be extremely lucky for anyone in the creative industries , actors , painters or musicians all benefit from having some Jasper in their lives

Its marble appearance has lead it to being called Picasso's stone .

Physical healing properties

Kidneys , spleen , bladder , digestive systems 

Meditation mantra   I UNDERSTAND

find a quiet space preferable in nature and see your jasper clearly imagiog it forming a beautiful landscape and as you start to mediate see yourself walking into this landscape that the stone has created just for you ,

As it stabilises and comforts your root chakra seek comfort from its landscape and allow it to dissolve any fears or worries You may have.

Know in this moment and every moment there is no need to worry or to feel anxiety just to simply understand the emotions you are experiencing and allow them to wash over you but not consume you ,

Jasper will heal any doubts or concerns you may have and when you come out of your mediation you should feel more stable and confident in your body.