Crystal Description - Hematite

Known as a stone that resembles the midnight starry sky it's a reminder of the infiniteness of our universe

calmness     *protection  *mental focus    * strength  * grounding     * balance

Chakras -   Root

Birthstone -  March December

Zodiac -        Aries

Planet -          Mars Mercury

Element -       Fire 

Colour -         Shimmery Black

Origin  -         North America

Hematite is the perfect grounding stone it offers both protection and balance and is associated primarily with the mind it can strengthen the mind and assist in achieving alertness and focus in all matters that require brain power .

A perfect stone for studying or assisting in exams.

Physical healing properties

Anemia, low blood iron, blood, toxins in blood, stress, high blood pressure  

Meditation mantra   I CONNECT

Powerful stone for meditation for anyone who is needing grounding

If you are feeling unbalanced or unstable in any area  mediate with hematite and it will assist you in rebalancing it will reaffirm your connection to the earth and assist you in feeling more centred and aligned

It also eliminated toxins and negativity that may be contributing to any feelings of instability .

It reaffirms your connection to the earth and allows you to return stable and focused to manifest your desires