Crystal Description - Goldstone

Was originally known as aventurine glass which means accidental glass

energizes  *unlocks potential   *   *soothes      * persistence  *  determination  * success

Chakras -  sacral

Birthstone -   December

Zodiac -    Sagittarius

Planet -   jupiter

Element -  fire

Colour -   red to orange with gold

Origin  -  none its a type of glass

Perfect for manifesting anything you desire

Ir allows you to unlock your full potential and gives you the motivation and drive  to reach your goals

A stone associated with success and luck it is a spiritual protector that allows you to balance and benefit from both realms the spiritual and the earth .

It bestows wealth and success and allows you to forge the path that will lead you to your dreams

Assists in eliminating stress and anxiety promotes healthy wellbeing and self esteem and respect

Physical healing properties

depression, arthritis,renews physical strength,ulcers,bacteria,strengthens bones    

meditation mantra I BELIEVE

Powerful stone for meditation in manifesting your desires . visualise what you desire to manifest and tap into the stone as you find yourself within listen for its message in the path you need to manifest your desire .

It is a very lucky stone and will assist you in all matters but especially ones to do with career and your life path.