Crystal Description - Golden Healer

This stone is like having your guardian angel in your pocket or on you , a its in constant  vibration with the angelic realm

courage *fearlessness   *bold     *self confidence * public speaking * passion

Chakras -      solar

Birthstone -  All

Zodiac -       All    

Planet -         All

Element -      All

Colour -   Honey gold to clear

Origin  - Brazil

A tiny powerful crystal that is known to assist in clearing and removing anything in your life that doesn't serve you

They amplify any crystal they are paired it but are just as powerful alone .

They vibrate constantly with the higher angelic realms making them perfect for spiritual work or assisting in reaching your higher self and angel guides

They assist in working with psychic realms and unlocking your own psychic powers

A working stone they can be worn or used  to connect and unlock messages from higher beings and angelic guides..

Physical healing properties

heart, emotional issues, detachment, chaos

meditation mantra i hear

These stones are perfect for any meditation that you want to communicate directly with angelic beings otr spirit guides .

Because of their vibration they are constantly vibrating in the angelic realm.

Clear a space and envision the crystal infusing you with white light

Clear your mind and allow the light to take you up onto the angelic realm and  meet your guides .

Remember any messages they show you it can be in the form of message, music, images or a intention

Be sure to infuse that intention into your stone and when you are back on the earth plane carry it with you to remind you of your messages and to feel your angelic guides with you .

Herkimer diamonds or golden healers are used in meditation to amplify any other crystal

If a crystal you are using is failing to assist you in your mediation goal pairing with one of these can assist in your crystal meeting its goal.