Crystal Description - Garnet

A powerful crystal that can be traced back in history to Egypt and even Sumerian times.

Was believed to be one of the 12  stones that adorned the breastplate of the high priest.

creativity     *grounding   *balance     *strength   * protection     * passion

Chakras -   Root and Crown

Birthstone - January

Zodiac -   Aquarius  

Planet -    Mars

Element - Earth

Colour -    all variations of red,  can also be found in dark to olive green, black, yellow and orange. 

Origin  -     Brazil

Perfect for balancing the energies , can aid with passion or calmness, gifting its user with whatever is required at the time.

Its properties are known to aid in success and career advancement as well as providing strength and protection.

A crystal of love and passion it assists with romantic relationships as it offers emotional protection and promotes passion.

Physical healing properties

Purifies blood ,vital organs,eliminates toxins, arthritis, detoxification, alleviates pain

meditation mantra  I WILL

Garnet provides stability and activates you root chakra and connection to the earth.

Visualise the earth providing all you need to lead a stable and fulfilled life , see the red hues of the garnet surround and infuse you allowing the earth's energy to filter through and activate your root chakra re affirming your connection and trust in the earth and universal flow.