Crystal Description - Fuchsite

A sparkling stone found mainly in Brazil that holds a radiant glowing energy.  It was once considered a gift from a Brazilian Sea Goddess, Lemanja.

* energy   * healing   * intuition  *inspiration    *  mental clarity  * self development   * health 

Chakras - heart and third eye

Birthstone -  none

Zodiac -     libra

Planet  venus

Element - wood/earth

Colour -  green

Origin  -  Brazil , also india and russia  

Fuschite shimmers in all gorgeous shades of green .

It is associated with those who serve others in healing.

Known for assisting those who feel the need to take care of people. It assists them in releasing that need and allowing the person to be responsible for themselves.

So it's the perfect Mother's Day gift .

It is known as a healing stone and can assist people from transitioning from dependent to independent.

A crystal associated with healing, it helps people find their best health and discard unhealthy habits. 

Gift Fuchsite to anyone you love and want to help  drop bad health habits.

It is also thought to assist in providing abundance and prosperity to all who need it.

Physical healing properties

Health  , bad health habits : smoking , overeating , lack of exercise . mental health , codependency 

Meditation mantra   I ENVISION

Fuschite is perfect for opening your third eye.

This crystal can either amplify any other crystals intention.

When used alone, it will allow you to open your third eye and visualise your desires manifesting into reality. 

It is a powerful crystal, as it remembers prior intentions set in previous meditations.

This allows and assists it in amplifying your visualisations and allowing them to manifest from the spiritual plane, onto the earth plane.