Crystal Description - Fluorite

Known as the genius stone fluorite allows you to achieve your highest mental state.

* genius    * higher self   * mental clarity * dreams    *  spirit   * self development  

Chakras -  heart and crown

Birthstone -  april may

Zodiac -    pisces

Planet -       Neptune

Element -   earth

Colour -  green , clear , blue , yellow , pink

Origin  -  China ,mexico , south africa

This crystal is perfect for anyone studying, it increases the brain's ability to study and absorb complex information.

Fluorite is the perfect gift for any student about to take important exams or for anyone embarking on further study.

It is considered a powerful crystal in its ability to heighten mental clarity.

Fluorite is associated with the heart chakra and healing any issues associated with love.

Physical healing properties

Health   , stress , detox,  , higher studies  . mental health , 

Meditation mantra   I DREAM

The perfect meditation in bed , before sleep,

Use them to enable and embark on astral travel.

Fluorite is known for being connected to the outer realms and can enable you to explore these.

They enable lucid dreaming to access and communicate with your higher self and spirit guides.

Perfect for astral travel they are known as a dreamer stone, by placing one under your pillow they protect from bad dreams and evil spirits.