Crystal Description - Epidote

Known also as pistacite , its a stone that will bring abundance and prosperity for all who follow the rules of prosperity

* abundance     * wealth     * emotional healing  * highest self    * love      * self development

Chakras -   heart chakra

Birthstone none

 Zodiac -      gemini  and virgo

Planet -   mercury

Element - Earth and water

Colour     green

Origin  -   Austria, PAkistan ,  Mexico

This crystal is associated with prosperity and change .

It will assist in letting go of the past or anything that no longer serves you and will allow you to reach your highest potential and gain prosperity from your soul path.

This stone ensures all that follow the rules of prosperity shall prosper.

The rules are simple whatever you give out you will receive. Therefore the more generous you are the more prosperity this stone will ensure you receive back .

It will assist you in opening your crown chakra and from there the even higher realms and your soul star chakra and highest crown chakras .

This allows you to easily access the spiritual realms and info from your guides and higher self .

It can assist with psychic development and ease you into clairaudience , clairvoyance and psychic visions. 

Physical healing properties

Stress release, anxiety, epilepsy,  schizophrenia, mental health, broken bones, bone related surgery

Meditation mantra   I AM GENEROUS

Powerful stone for meditation any energy you put into it and into the world will return to you ,

So if you are seeking abundance and prosperity if you are generous in your thoughts and wishes you will be returned however it can also return negativity .

It is a stone with bad intentions it's miore a teaching stone to show you how to receive your wishes you need to act out your wishes ,

The more generous you are the more prosperity you ll receive

The more loving you are the more love you ll receive and so on

In meditation focus on your desires and visualise yourself not receiving them but behaving in the emotion you wish to attract this will ensure your highest intention is programmed into your stone and will return to you.