Crystal Description - Elestial Quartz

Known the Queen Crystal, they vibrate the highest transmission of yin energy.

* feminine power    * career progression    * mental clarity * women  * self development

Chakras - crown chakra

Birthstone none

Zodiac -     sco , sag , cap

Planet -      moon

Element -  earth

Colour -   clear and smoky

Origin  -   primarily brazil also romania , madagascar

This stone is associated with feminine power.

The perfect stone to wear as personal jewellry it enables females in any career advancement,leadership or career progression.

Associated with amplifying yin energy, it is widely used for assisting the feminine in advancing professionally  and achieving their highest career goals.

Physical healing properties

Stress release, anxiety, epilepsy,  schizophrenia, mental health, broken bones, bone related surgery 

Meditation mantra   I AM GUIDED

Powerful Crystal for meditation it will assist you in opening your crown chakra and from there the even higher realms and your soul star chakra and highest crown chakras .

This allows you to easily access the spiritual realms and info from your guides and higher self.

It can allow psychic development and ease you into clairaudience , clairvoyance and psychic visions.