Crystal Description - Dravite

A crystal that allows you to access your highest intuition and follow that path.

* higher intuition*compassion *service *trust *creative and academic

*spiritual development

Chakras  Heart

Birthstone none

Zodiac -       Gemini , Virgo

Planet -       Mercury     

Element -    Earth

Colour -  dark to light green , also black and violet blue

Origin  -   Siberia

a member of the tourmaline crystal family it colours are dark brown to black

* grounding      * emotional balance    * relaxation   * de stress    * acceptance     * spiritual development

Chakras - base chakra


 Zodiac Aries

Planet -     earth


Colour -  dark brown and black

Origin  -  drava river , styria sth east austria ,  also brazil , austria , slovenia and australia

This crystal associated with enabling the user to come to terms with all parts of themselves and reach a healthy self acceptance of whom they are faults and all. 

Even the most precious stones can have flaws and this stone allows you to understand and accept who you are .

The perfect stone for those who work in the spiritual realm. It assists you in coming back to earth and grounding your aura and self back on the earthly planes.

Physical healing properties

Immunities,absorbing nutrients into the body ,intestinal problems  ,  stomach issues, crohn's disease , irritable bowel syndrome  ,

Meditation mantra   I AM EARTH

Powerful crystal for meditation  if you work with a lot of high vibrational stone this stone can be perfect for bringing you back, onto the earth plane and grounding you back into your earthly body

Also on its own it can balance any emotional hurts and enable you to accept who you are including your flaws.

By using it to visualise any issues you can heal and then experience self acceptance.