Crystal Description - Diopside

A crystal that allows you to access your highest intuition and follow that path.

* higher intuition*compassion *service *trust *creative and academic

*spiritual development

Chakras  Heart

Birthstone none

Zodiac -       Gemini , Virgo

Planet -       Mercury     

Element -    Earth

Colour -  dark to light green , also black and violet blue

Origin  -   Siberia

This crystal is  associated with experiencing the joy that nature can bring you.

It is known for its ability to protect anyone who carries it.

Diopside will open your heart chakra and allow you to feel compassion for all living things.

It will enable you to truly assist others and yourself and is a crystal that teaches you how to forgive and trust in the universe and others.

Physical healing properties

Recovery from severe illnesses, assists in healing from surgery , kidneys , heart , assists in lungs circulation and blood pressure  

Meditation mantra   I AM HEALED

Diopside is a powerful crystal for meditation.

Use it to visualise your hearts wish and to heal any past hurts.

The best way to use this crystal is find somewhere in nature and mediate with it

The elements will assist in manifesting your visions and desires quicker.