Crystal Description - Clear Quartz

One of the oldest and most used crystals it is powered by the sun and the sea and can manifest your deepest desires into reality.

* concentration    *psychic abilities    *clarity   * intentions* healing     *  programming

Chakras -  all esp crown

Birthstone none

Zodiac -    all

Planet - sun


Colour - clear

Origin  -  Brazil , India , Nepal , Russia

Known as the master crystal, Clear quartz will assist in all your needs and suit all purposes.

Clear Quartz is known for its powers in healing all chakras. It can be used for many purposes.

Clear Quartz can also be programmed with intention or as a master crystal and hold all the necessary information and abilities of your entire crystal collection.

Clear Quartz is literally the IPOD of crystals and its power knows no bounds.

It is also used in watches and radios among other electronic devices.

Physical healing properties

Burns, heartburn , immune system , kidneys, toothaches, vertigo , thyroid 

Meditation mantra   I PROGRAM

Powerful stone for meditation

It can be programmed with anything you wish to manifest.

In meditation visualise what you wish to manifest and then envision your manifestation pouring itself into your quartz crystal .

Your wishes or intention, will then be amplified by your Clear Quartz.

Many also use a Clear Quartz to store their entire crystal collections. Allowing their Crystal Collection  vibrations to be stored, so they can access them from anywhere.