Crystal Description - Citrine Natural

Rarest form  pure citrine is coloured  honey  and a pale yellow to burnt toffee brown   its a form of quartz

* maturity  *inner stability  *security  *self confidence    * healing     * protection

Chakras - solar

Birthstone -  november

Zodiac -      scorpio   

Planet -        Sun Jupiter

Element -     Fire

Colour -  pale honey yellow to sometimes deep brown

Origin  - Ural mountains russia , dauphine france and madagascar

Natural Citrine is very rare the majority of Citrine available is actually baked or heat treated Citrine created from either Amethyst or Smoky Quartz.

Natural Citrine is baked by the earth and is usually a natural honey lemon colour to sometimes burnt brown , its name is derived from the French name citron which literally translates to lemon.

Often referred to as the Merchants Stone its thought to be an extremely lucky stone and brings wealth , prosperity and abundance to all who own it.

Businesses often keep citrine around to ensure a steady flow of income.

Natural citrine is extremely rare and hard to discern as most Citrine that is sold is actually Baked Citrine.

Physical healing properties

digestion, healthy hair, skin, nails, food or chemical intolerances 

Meditation mantra   ABUNDANCE WILL FLOW

Powerful stone for meditation given its known for bringing prosperity to all who own it and its ability to activate the solar chakra

Visualise a bath filled with citrine sunlight and as you slowly sink into it and feel it activating your chakras imagine you having an endless supply of wealth and abundance

Allow the stone to vibrate its energy into your intention and when you emergem know you have been coated in its abundance citrine honey golden glow . think of it like a spiritual fake tan.

This mediation assists you being attuned to prosperity and allowing it to flow to you and from you.