Crystal Description - Citrine Baked

Considered fake Citrine it accounts for 99% of Citrine it's actually treated Amethyst and through the baking process many believe contains energies aligned to Citrine.

* maturity      *inner stability     *security     *self confidence    * healing     * protection

Chakras -  solar

Birthstone november

Zodiac -        scorpio

Planet -     Sun 

Element -  fire

Colour -   deep orange  to orange red, dark yellow , very white chalky bases

Origin  -  Brazil is where most of the amethyst that becomes baked citrine is found 

Ninety nine percent of Citrine sold is baked , this is because Natural Citrine is so rare , many shops or people who sell it are clueless to it not being authentic.

There's a lot of debate, regarding its ability to heal or carry the same vibrations as Natural Citrine.

Baked Citrine is actually usually  Amethyst or Smoky Quartz, that transforms through a heating process.

While it does  change its molecules, energy and original form they are still crystals and hold a vibration.

The best advice is if you feel guided to purchase it.  Then it holds a vibration that resonates with your soul and can be of use.

Physical healing properties

Similar to citrine depending on how attuned you feel to it

Meditation mantra   I TRANSFORM MY WEALTH

Baked Citrine is a powerful treated crystal in meditation, because this crystal is actually transformed into Citrine and therefore goes through a transformative process.

Baked Citrine can be useful for transforming your ideas re wealth and your ability to attract prosperity.

Visualise it moving through your chakras  and slowly heating up like it does when it's baked.

As you start to feel very hot, like the hottest part of the sun is shining on you. Think about your views to money and ask the crystal for any messages in regard to solving these. You can also program this crystal to transform your wealth or prosperity or flow of money.