Crystal Description - Cinnabar

Cinnabars name is associated with Persian translation to Dragons Blood.

* magic      alchemy     *healing    *psychic visions   * prosperity

Chakras - third eye, base sacral

Birthstone none

 Zodiac -  leo



Colour -  deep red a form of mercury ore

Origin mexico spain serbia

This crystal is known as the Merchants Stone. It is associated with the ancients and alchemy.

Cinnabar contains high levels of mercury and cannot touch your skin.

When using it, its best to wrap it or have it on display but don't touch it directly .

This crystal’s vibration is very powerful and doesn’t need to be held or worn.

Cinnabar is a powerful transformative stone and allows one to move  into their desired original incarnation that they were sent to earth to achieve.

It's popular with mystics and shaman journeys as it can assist you with communicating with the spiritual realm.

Physical healing properties

prostate, lower stomach, blood issues, detox , boosts strength and physicality , stabilizes weight , fertility

Meditation mantra   I AM VISION

Powerful crystal for meditation.

It opens your third eye and connects it to inspire and foster creativity.

You cannot hold Cinnabar , either sit near it or wrap it up and place it next to you in your meditation.

Visualise its vibration flowing out into your third eye and awaking your vision .

Focus on any messages it gifts you and allow them to travel up through your crown .

Know and trust your higher self and guides will remember these visions and assist you when you are back on the earthly plane again.