Crystal Description - Chrysoprase

A crystal that vibrates and assists  with opening your heart chakra

* universal love     * emotional balance    * love   * grace   * compassion     *positive energy

Chakras heart chakra

Birthstone may

Zodiac -     gemini

Planet - venus , mercury ,moon


Colour -  green sometimes lemon

Origin  -  australia

This stone is associated with compassion and the universal good it allows you to experience universal love by activating and opening your heart chakra to the universal flow and therefore understanding how to motivate your actions from the heart . this leads to altruistic actions and experiencing the flow of the universe and understanding how we can all benefit it and each other. 

Physical healing properties

absorbing nutrients into the body esp vitamin c , fertility  ,  reproductive problems , heart disorders

Meditation mantra   I RECEIVE UNIVERSAL LOVE

Powerful crystal for meditation as it assists in opening your heart chakra and healing any matters of the heart.  it will heal any imbalances or hurt your inner child may have experienced and buried. By allowing you to heal and overcome past hurts, it leads you to your greatest purpose.

A crystal of compassion and truth, it allows you to experience and demonstrate through love only,  in all your actions and words.

The best way is to meditate with two crystals and focus on your opening your heart chakra then focus on what you need to heal or any messages you are receiving.