Crystal Description - Chrysocolla

A stone that resembles both the earth from outer space and the oceans from high above the sky.

* teaching      *empowerment    *expression   *communication   * truth     * inner wisdom  

Chakras -  Throat

Birthstone none

Zodiac -    Taurus

Planet -    Earth

Element - Water

Colour -  Blues and Greens

Origin  -  Russia , Mexico , Peru

This crystal associated with heartfelt communication . while it activates the throat chakra it allows the heart to express itself in the spoken word .

Assisting with all true and honest expressions are required it is a stone that allows one to communicate from the heart and express themselves openly honestly and without fear.

Physical healing properties

Female issues, cramps, throat infections, lowers blood pressure relieves ulcer


Meditation mantra   I AM WISE

Allow yourself to visualise Chrysocolla as another planet an alternative Earth as you find yourself deeper in the mediation float down onto its earth and seek out the answers this alternate earth reality has for you , know as a spiritual being you have lived many incarnations in many universes and this is merely another one that can give you wisdom and information for helping you live the life you lead on this planet.