Crystal Description - Carnelian

Known as by the Egyptians as the setting sun.

courage      *fearlessness   *bold     *self confidence    * public speaking     * passion   * 

Chakras - sacral

Birthstone August

Zodiac -    Cancer Leo

Planet -       Sun

Element -    Fire

Colour -  Reds Orange

Origin  -  Brazil India

Carnelian is anything but timid. Said to assist in enhancing the physical .

Giving its user both courage and fearlessness.

Carnelian assisted warriors of old in both courage and fearlessness.

It is also an excellent stone for public speakers or those who are too scared to communicate publicly.

It assists in overcoming timidness and shyness and infusing the user with boldness and self confidence to communicate effectively.

Also known as a passion stone it will enhance any psychical passion and desire, be careful though as a little Carnelian will go a long way in arousing desire.

Physical healing properties

Lower Abdominal pain , kidneys , blood , circulation , colds , allergies,appetite      ,   , 

Meditation mantra   I AM FIRE

Powerful stone for meditation when needing to manifest the physical its actual element is fire so it is the perfect stone with assisting with action.

It can also be used to revitalise love passion and desire if your relationship has become mundane and stale.

A warrior crystal it can assist you with manifesting anything that needs to be physical and will give you  strength and courage you may be lacking to take the necessary action.