Crystal Description - Calcite, green, blue, orchid, yellow, orange

Known as a natural amplifier crystal and is known for its powerful cleansing abilities

* maturity *cleansing  *amplifying *trust *removes negativity *aligns chakras * 

Chakras -      all

Birthstone none

Zodiac -       cancer

Planet -       moon

Element -    water

Colour -     various

Origin  -    Poland

White calcite and all calcite is known as being a powerful stone for removing any negative energy . By keeping one in your house it will remove any negative energies or vibration immediately .

It is the perfect spring clean crystal, as you will always feel brand new and renewed energy if you keep it around .

it comes in many colours which all have different vibrations .

It also amplifies any crystal it is paired with increasing that crystals vibration and qualities.

It bring clarity and light to any situation or problem and will literally banish any darkness with its light.

Calcite green ,

Planet   venus   Element  earth  Zodiac taurus

activates the heart chakra , cleanses and balances all emotions and allows love to flow and be expressed naturally and with ease .

Calcite blue ,

Planet   venus and jupiter      Element  water  Zodiac

will enhance communication as it activates the throat chakra , any issues with speaking your thought sor communicating or overcoming your fears of performing or public speaking , this will heal and amplify you ability to communicate clearly ,

Calcite orchid ,

Planet   earth    Element  cleanses Zodiac

Called the stone of promise it gives you the ability to trust and plan for the future a grounding form of calcite it gives one the trust and strength to move ahead fearlessly and carve out the future they desire

Calcite yellow ,

Planet   sun     Element  cleanses Zodiac leo

amplifies the solar chakra and assists all who need more confidence , it eliminates any self doubt and gives you the confidence to follow through your actions and walk the path you are seeking

Calcite orange

Planet   sun    Element  cleanses Zodiac leo

Amplifys and assists creativity and any isuues concerning sexualty adn pasion it attines o the root chakra and will heal any issue that may be blocking its energy from being able to express,

Physical healing properties

Tension headaches,eyesight, eye disorders, lowers  blood pressure , gallbladder and arthritis    

Meditation mantra   I AM STRONG

Using any colour of Calcite will activate different chakras but  white calcite has the ability to be all colours and therefore can carry any intent you choose .

Focus on being bathed in its white light and imagine it slowly removing any negativity from your aura and replacing it with whatever it is you wish to amplify. As its very powerful crystal, it's quite useful for quick meditations as you can focus with it and clear in a quick 90 second meditation throughout the day .