Crystal Description - Aventurine

One of the luckiest crystals its name is derived from the Italian meaning chance “aventura”.

spiritual development   * success   * prosperity  * calmness  * creativity * emotional growth  *  imagination* career 

Chakras -    Dependent on colour

Birthstone May

Zodiac -       Taurus

Planet -        Venus

Element -     Water

Colour -        primarily green but also blue and red

Origin  -        India

Green Aventurine Heart chakra

Aventurine is commonly found in green and known as a fantastic stone to advance your career.

It is known to bring prosperity and instil those who wear it with leadership qualities and the ability to persevere and gain decisiveness.

Also a fantastic crystal for facilitating compassion and empathy, it is promotes clear thinking , allows creativity to bloom and stimulates the mind to be able to see all possibilities available.

A crystal for the career minded or entrepreneur it also balances male female energy and promotes prosperity , well being and balance.

Blue aventurine throat chakra

Is perfect for assisting anyone in overcoming bad habits it also can help anyone with the peter pan syndrome providing comfort and trust with the process of growing up and taking on more responsibility.

Red aventurine root chakra

A stone of action it carries a strong vibration of physical manifestations. It helps anyone who is stuck or unsure with what path to take . A crystal of action, it will help you take any action needed to follow through and achieve your desired dreams and results.

Physical healing properties

Skin diseases , alopecia,eczema,warts, nervous system , metabolism       

meditation mantras


Use Green Aventurine to tap into the earth's knowledge, it will enable you to see the best your life can be and opportunities you may have been unaware off.


Use Blue Aventurine to assist in strengthening your psychic abilities and also opening your third eye. Blue is associated with the angelic realm and excellent for assisting angelic communication and allowing you to receive their messages.


Red Aventurine is perfect for assisting you in meditations to overcome any challenges that are preventing you from taking action in your life. It is connected to the base chakra so it will enable you to be grounded ,whilst seeking the advice you need to take action.