Crystal Description - Aquamarine

Aquamarine resembles the sea, like its name which is derived from its latin meaning: water of the sea.

*  courage *communication  * sea travel *empowerment * releasing negativity *spiritual development 

Chakras Throat

Birthstone March

Zodiac -     Pisces

Planet -     Neptune


Colour -  Blues to Bluish  Green

Origin  -  Brazil

Aquamarine is  associated with the sea.

Believed in ancient lore to be a treasure of mermaids. They were believed to gift it to sailors, to ensure they remain safe while at sea.

Ranging in colours of blue and sometimes with hints of green this crystal reflects the power and mysteries held within the ocean.

This is why they were thought to be a lucky stone for sailors and all who travel by sea.

Also associated with the throat chakra it is a powerful stone for assisting all who communicate: teachers, public speakers and performers are some of the professions who benefit from wearing or carrying Aquamarine.

Physical healing properties

bronchitis , lungs , respiratory tract   , hayfever   , allergies, vision problems

meditation mantra I SPEAK

Aquamarine is a powerful crystal for meditation.

Aquamarines ability to reflect the sea can also assist in reaching and exploring the endless depth of the spiritual realm.

It can assist in receiving messages that are needed from guides and spiritual beings and assist in opening up your etheric body to the spiritual realm.

If you are having difficulty with communication use it for a mediation that will assist you in overcoming any fears you may hold in communication or stage fright by focusing on your throat chakra.  Allow Aquamarine to  heal and open it up so you're able to communicate all ideas and thoughts.