Crystal Description - Apatite

A powerful crystal that reminds us that the key to happiness is always found within.

* happiness* calmness *manifestation*communication *love * spiritual development  

Chakras -      heart, throat , third eye

Birthstone none

Zodiac -        gemini

Planet -        mercury

Element -     air

Colour -       green blue yellow

Origin  -       Madagascar, Brazil, India

Apatite is available in green , blue and sometimes yellow.

Green Apatite

Green is associated with nature and the earth.  Green Apatite is a powerful stone with opening the heart chakra.  It opens you to the infinite wisdom of the universal love and connects you to assisting the planet and protecting the earth.

It is often used in assisting any healing that mother earth requires.

It is very useful in encouraging gardens to grow, flowers to bloom and fruit to prosper .

Bury it in the garden near any plants you wish to prosper.

Blue apatite

Blue is used in communication and public speaking , it activates the throat chakra and allows you to communicate your thoughts effectively .

It also assist in creativity by activating the third eye  and providing inspiration and new ideas.

Physical healing properties

Healthy eating , metabolism ,dental issues, broken bones     

Meditation Mantra I BELIEVE

Apatite is a powerful stone for meditation as it manifests intent.

If you wish to manifest a desire or goal , meditate with this crystal daily , begin your meditation on the new moon and by the time of the full moon if the crystal  you will know the path needed to manifest your intent.

Blue is best for communication or spiritual meditations.

Green is best for heart meditations and tapping into the universal love and mother earth's sacred wisdom.