Crystal Description - Apache Tear

Apache tears are a form of Black Obsidian, they originated from American Indian Culture.

* psychic protection * absorbs negativity* healing grief  * emotional healing  * spiritual grounding  *good luck charm

Chakras root

Birthstone november

Zodiac -        aries and scorpio

Planet -         saturn

Element -     fire   

Colour -  black with occasional flecks of white

Origin  - Mexico, USA

Apache tears are powerful crystals known to clear and absorb negativity. They heal all forms of grief and rebalance and ground you, both spiritually and emotionally.

A crystal that connects you with mother earth and all of her infinite wisdom.

As well as being strong grounding stones they also offer protection against psychic attack and negativity.

They have the ability to absorb any negativity and prevent this from directly affecting you or penetrating your aura.

Often used to prevent psychic attack or exposure to lower or negative energies.

They work well with those who perform healing work as they prevent you from absorbing the other person's energy.

Because of their ability to absorb all forms of negativity they are a crystal that must be cleansed regularly.

Physical healing properties

Stress, circulation, tension in muscles, artery health     

meditation mantra   I’M PROTECTED

Apache Tears are a powerful crystal for meditation, use it to perform any meditation that requires you to either clear any negativity from your aura, or  if you need to tap into mother earths infinite wisdom to assist with any problems.

You can use them to perform a weekly protection mediation to ensure you are protected and shielded from daily negativity.

Also can be used as a grounding crystal after a deeper astral plane mediation that will assist in bringing you back to the earthly plane and reaffirming your spirit back on earth.