Crystal Description - Amethyst

Amethyst is derived from the Greek word Ametusthos, which meant not intoxicated and  was worn in ancient times to prevent drunkenness.

* spiritual awareness      * love   * communication   * psychic abilities   

* spiritual enlightenment      * positive transformation 

Chakras Third Eye and Crown

Birthstone February

Zodiac Pisces     

Planet - Neptune

Element - Water

Colour -  all shades of Purple

Origin  -  Zambia and Brazil 

In ancient times Amethyst was considered as valuable as diamonds.

Also associated with St Valentine, this stone is associated with lovers and true faithful love.

St Valentine was believed to have worn a ring made from Amethyst.

Possessing many  healing properties ,wearing or owning Amethyst will cleanse ones aura and heal any negativity.

Amethyst has the power and  ability to recharge and cleanse other crystals.

Amethyst is also a stone for creatives, it can assist all creatives in communicating or receiving inspiration from  their muses and unlocking their imagination.

It often attracts and  assists  writers , painters and musicians.

Amethyst’s ability to open the third eye, allows the creative spirit and inspiration to filter out onto the earth's plane.

Physical healing properties.

Nervous system , digestive tract , blood receiving oxygen , heart , stomach and skin ailments . treats arthritis and strengthens immune system

Meditation  Mantra: I INSPIRE

Amethyst is a  powerful crystal for meditation.

It opens the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. This is the perfect crystal to meditate and reach your higher guides, to receive inspiration and guidance, for your life purpose here on earth.

Find a quiet place and begin to breathe in Amethyst’s purple violet rays. Imagine it slowly working up through each chakra point , when it reaches your third eye take three deep breaths from your heart and see what messages your third eye wishes to communicate .

When you feel you have communicated clearly.  Allow these visions to filter out of your crown chakra knowing they will guide you from above when you return to the earth plane.