Crystal Description - Amber

A crystal formed from light and life, a stone of nature often referred to as ”gold of the sea.“

*desire *discharge negativity *protects children  * wisdom * good luck* anxiety

Chakras - solar and naval sacral

Birthstone May

Zodiac -    Taurus

Planet - Venus


Colour -  pale yellow honey gold to orange

Origin  - Baltic region : Russia , Poland and Lithuania.

Amber is neither a mineral or a crystal, its a  pure product of nature.

It is in essence nature's crystal, formed from the resin of trees and fossilised over the ages.

Most Amber is 30-90  million years, making it a crystal that holds great wisdom.

Often referred to as solid sunlight or the tears of the ancient gods, it is a true gift from nature.

Amber is a product from trees and then crystallised into a hardened resin.

It is a rarity in its neither a crystal nor a mineral .

Amber also protects children and will dispel and repel any negative energy.

A true gift from nature, it is known for carrying the vibration of powerful life force.

Amber’s vibration is one of  great healing and energetic properties .

Physical healing properties

Anxiety,eliminating toxins, pain, disease,digestion, stress,   

Meditation Mantra: I KNOW

In meditation Amber  can be used to access the earth's deep wisdom.

You can program and manifest deep healing with Amber .

Eliminate any karmic debts erase negative family patterns or simply clear your own negative habits,

Amber is often used in a sun meditation or upon Shamanic journeys.

it's connection with the earth and wisdom makes it a perfect stone for any meditations, involving a need for wisdom or messages from the earth. 

You don't need sun for this meditation , imagine Ambers rays of distilled sunlight are shining down on you and healing any past pains or regrets.  Allow its messages of ancient wisdom to filter through all your chakras knowing you are protected and activated.

Bathe in its ancient sunlight and listen for any messages that appear from its deep wisdom.