Crystal Description - Amazonite

Amazonite is a crystal of truth and courage. Associated with woman warriors and the Amazon River of its namesake.

* communication * courage *  truth   * healing *prosperity * spiritual development

Chakras - heart and throat

Birthstone -   April

Zodiac - Aries, Leo and Scorpio  

Planet - Uranus

Element - Earth

Colour -  Turquoise blue to  green

Origin  -   Brazil

Amazonite is  associated  with courage and truth, it enables powerful communication.

Like its namesake, it is strong, powerful and flows like the Brazilian River, The Amazon.

It is a perfect crystal for balancing energies or emotions.

Amazonite bring the throat and heart chakra into alignment, allowing you to communicate your heart  and express your emotions clear and concise.

It's the perfect communication crystal.

Amazonite enables you to communicate the truth your heart wishes you to speak even to yourself.

Physical healing properties

Nervous system, metabolism, prevent hair loss, recovering after illness, muscle spasms

Meditation Mantra  I SPEAK

Powerful crystal for meditation  it balances your throat and heart chakras and is perfect for balancing any emotions , it will allow you to balance love , seek love and find the universal love that you want to express through your soul.

Meditating with Amazonite will give you the courage to communicate and express your truth, whatever it may be.

Imagine your Amazonite energy is forming a river and allow yourself to float down its waves.

If you feel like immersing yourself within its river allow it .

As you feel it activate and connect your heart and throat chakras , listen for any messages .

As you float out of this meditation , know your communication has been healed and you are connected to speak your truth effectively.