Crystal Description - Agate

Known as earth's rainbow  Agate Is a name applied to all varieties of Chalcedony.

* maturity *inner stability  *security  *self confidence  * healing *protection

Chakras Crown

Birthstone May

Zodiac -  Gemini, Virgo

Planet - Moon

Element -  Earth

Colour -  Earth's Rainbow, variety of colours

Origin  -  Achetes River in Sicily  

Agate vibrates at  a lower frequency than other crystals. It is known to have a calming stabilising effect.

Agate is a crystal that assists anyone needing balance in their life.

Whether its balancing your  yin/yang, love/hate, work/life, Agate will help you achieve this.

Even though it appears delicate, it is a very strong stone and perfect for assisting anyone who requires strength, especially mental strength.

Agate is the perfect support stone. It suppresses our desires for frivolous things and provides stability and comfort. The perfect crystal for those working on large stressful products  or those who have too much on their plate.

Its calming influence is like a fairy godmother's magic wand and it is perfect for anyone needing to alleviate stress, work pressure and enables them to  achieve balance, stability and calmness.

Physical healing properties

Concentration, perception, analytical thinking, skin disorders,  digestive system

Meditation Mantra:  I AM ENOUGH

Agate vibrates on a slower frequency, in meditation it can assist you with moving into the deeper realms and finding an inner stability.

It will assist with anything in your life that is needing balancing including your chakras and emotions.

Find a place in nature that gives you peace and start your mediation  . Allow yourself to vibrate at the slower frequency and connect with your piece of Agate.

Listen for any messages and either set your intention or allow the crystal to provide you with guidance, to what your body and spirit is needing to achieve balance and peace.

To achieve its full potential meditate with Agate  near nature and it will assist you in manifesting your needs.